1: Using image upload in twitter as a way of modelling good practice in capturing evidence from the cultural landscape – the idea is that if you find a theory in the classroom, going out to capture where that theory can be applied in the real world using mobile devices.  An example being a course on critical and cultural theory – taking photos of bill board ads, T shirts, fashion, night clubs, graffiti, virtual worlds, games – one student has generated content

2: Replace a small segment of an existing acitivty with video activity – something like getting students to expand on

3: Went out location scouting for media production – and using geo tgechnologies in mobile devices.  Attempted to Geo locate a photograph of our shoes, but indoors the geo location doesn't work (don't work with animals, children and technology).

4: Delivering learning resources at the point of need – sometimes having it delivered on a mobile device.

5: Flickr commons idea: Direct students to flickr commons as a readily available stock of images, perhaps contributing to the stock, encourage the use of commons licence.