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TIMINGS (session)

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Basic session outline (with timings):





To produce up to 3 'snapshot' ideas - audio, image and video - for using mobile technologies in the classroom. Using your own mobile phones you will:

- record your snapshots/learning activities

- upload and share them via the session wiki http://guerillanarratives.pbworks.com


Please add your Youtube videos to the grooup at http://www.youtube.com/group/gnarrativesalt 


EMAIL for participants to send files: gnalt@gmail.com

Username: gnalt2010

Password: altworkshop   


·         Helen (3 mins) – NEW NARRATIVES (mobile as a production tool, learner-tutor GC)

·         Josie (3 mins) - GEOLOCATION (and the hyperlocal)

·         Frances (3 mins) – GUERILLA ED-TECH (learning activities) 

·         Group work (30 mins)

·         Show media artefacts + vote (10 mins)







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